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Fiore (fee-or-ee) 1. , -complete and utter bullshit to an almost unbelievable level. An extraordinary grandiose fabrication of the truth 2. - A rare, but destructive psychosis where an individual demonstrates a complete refusal to tell the truth, even when confronted with overwhelming evidence of their lies. 3.. An individual who consistently freeloads. A mooch. 4 - Word used to describe a reprehensible or dishonest act
Father: "Son, your teacher called and said you got the lowest grade in the class on the test. You promised me you had studied..."
Son: "I was studying Dad, but then Bigfoot came by while riding a unicorn, and said that if I came with him to the enchanted forest we could...."
Father: "Don't fucking Fiore me!"

Big Girl: "Does this dress make me look fat?"
Lying Boyfriend: "No, not at all. Lets move in together."
Big Girl "Oh O.K. sure. My friends say that you're full of fiore, but they just don't know the real you."
Lying Boyfriend: "No, they don't do they??? Muahhahahahaahahaha, Muahahahahaha {Furrows brow while hunching shoulders, as hands are rubbing together. Continues sinister laughter} Muahahahahahahaha
To be or similar to a very dirty italien civilan.
Get your fiore pasta out of here.
by Bobby October 08, 2003
To consider ones self as an Italian, when in all actuality they are nothing but a dirty, filthy Sicilian!
That bald headed idiot in the coffee mess is such a fiore!
by Vladamir Sanchez July 30, 2008
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