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A suburb of Kennewick, Washington. A town where everyone knows everyone. Home to the Riverview Panthers. A town in which bottled water is a must if you would like to survive.
Person 1: What's wrong with him?
Person 2: Oh, he grew up in Finley.
Person 3: That explains a lot!
by Jenny Q April 20, 2008
36 33
a boy's name meaning "fair-haired warrior", which refers to Viking heritage. A bad-ass dude with brains and brawn. Typically musically gifted and all the girls want him. Nickname is commonly "Finn".
Of course she wants him, he's a Finley.

Dude, you rock on that guitar, Finley!
by Superbad Baby February 03, 2010
128 37
an awesomely cool girl who doesn't know shes beautiful. She never seems to notice the boys who are attracted to her romantically but always seems to have drunken hookups with the assholes. A Finley is very loyal to friends and would do nothing to hurt anyone.. except for a small rodent that runs in front of the car. a Finley can get wild at any moment of the day with a switch of a button. you will always have a good time when a Finley is around.
john: daamn, i wish i could hang around some Finleys today...

adam: yeah i know, every time we do its always a new adventure.
by jackinthebox4567 July 30, 2009
108 50
A girl who is unbelievably beautiful but doesn't know it. This girl will not take shit from anyone, She dose not like to pick fights but she will get physical when needed. And win. Finley is witty, Weird,Loving,Caring, And Great in bed. She is an amazing kisser and will blow you mind in between the sheets. Finley is usually very into art and and physical activity, With amazing eyes and a hot body... Every man desires a Finley. But most men will never have a chance due to the fact she is usually attracted to assholes, But Finley is loyal and is known for long relationships.
1. Oh my god did you here who Finley is with???
2. Oh yeah i herd, He doesn't even deserve her man..
1. Seriously..
2. I wonder if they have banged yet..
1. He couldn't be THAT lucky.
by JarrDog April 20, 2013
22 2
A slang expression used for a spliff,consisting of marijuana. Deriving from Jazz singer Finley Quaye.
"Hey Louis,where's that jumbo finley?"
by Jack Beverage March 15, 2005
49 42
the act of hitting the front of the basket while putting in disc golf
Mike may only be 10 feet away but he is going to finley his putt.
by putter March 08, 2013
4 7
The armpit of the penis. The space between the penis and testicles
you must lift the penis to powder the finley
by theoverlord309 March 22, 2010
39 57