Skanky ass mother fucker
Get yo' filthy mcnasty out of here, biotch.
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
Top Definition
A mythical young man of rather dubious character.
We'd like to have you all join in with us on this one, and help us find the groove, by patting your feet, or popping your fingers, or clapping your hands, or shaking your heads, or shaking whatever else you want to shake... while we do a little thing we call "Filthy McNasty".
by godwallop July 24, 2006
The perverted old mick in your neighborhood who ogles and fondles all the young girls.
Mummy, mummy! Filthy McNasty touched me on me privates!!!
by Booker T. Buttfuck October 02, 2003
Meaning a skanky person. You wouldn't want to touch him/her with someone elses hands.
Hell naw bro, I wouldn't even touch that Filthy McNasty biotch with your dick. She's had everyone's cock up in her grill}.
by SexyGreenEyez February 07, 2005
Moniker attributed to one who constantly uses coarse, obscene or graphic language when speaking.
Man "Why don't you like my brother?"

Wonam "Because he's a Filthy McNasty! He is so vulgar!"
by ingloriousone May 25, 2010
nasty, filthy, DIRTY people who think they know shit
" she is such a filthymcnastys its hard to even look at her!"
by emma "the shit "cooney October 28, 2008
In honor of the dearly depated ODB (aka: DIrt McGirt)
Filthy-McNasty is aka: Ol' Dirty Bastard and Dirt McGirt...
by Black Carrington January 21, 2005
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