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Usually dark hair from italian decent. A Very beautiful girl, with a warm and loving heart, an amazing personality and you will be lucky to encounter a Filomena in your lifetime. Most Filomena's have pretty brown eyes that you can get lost in. With a smile as warm as the august sun. But be careful, to much aggressiveness on your part may push one away. A Filomena is usually shy and hides her emotions. She makes a great lover and an awesome friend. And if you are lucky enough to have a Filomena in your life then you best treat her with some respect and treat her like a the lady she is! Usually a Hard working girl; with sexy lips that you want to kiss! But dont want to scare a Filomena away! because coming across a Filomena is a rare yet beautiful thing. A Filomena is always a good time; and down for an adventure whenever there is an opportunity for one!

Don't play no games with a Filomena, they know what they want and don't take no shit from you fellas. A strong independent women. NOW next time a Filomena walks in your life, treat her with some respect and be thankful.
Dude 1 : hey man your new girl seems pretty cool ?
Dude 2: Yeah, but she's not a Filomena ..

girl 1: omg look how tanned that girl is....?
girl 2: well duhhh she IS a Filomena.. what u expect?
by dudebud August 30, 2011
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a hot name for smoking hot italian chicks
Yo, you know that Filomena girl?

awww geeeeez that bitch be hella bangin!!!!!!
by Filomena December 08, 2007
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