Either the funniest&hottest guy you'll ever know- or a total gayish freak.
It all depends if it's written with a K or a C.
Usually Scandinavian, mostly Swedish
-I met this guy yesterday, his name was Oskar or something.
-What?With a K or a C??!
-K i think
-Ah ok, then he's probably hilarious
by K8k August 10, 2008
usually a man with a massive penis, usually someone named oskar likes to repeatedly pile-drive milfs into the floor until he jizzes in their gaping vag.
oh god, you oskar'd that bitch!
by Jizz-meisterxxxxxxxx February 24, 2010
gay, geeky short kid that usually hides behind people to avoid getting his ass kicked. usually has braces.
"omg oskar is such a faggot" "yeah, lets kick his ass" "no hes got the other kid helping him." "wat a pussy"
by yupuhhuhya January 22, 2010

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