To get oral sex. Also known as dome, lettuce, or head.
This girl was filleting me when i busted a nut in her mouth.
by Bobby Dole January 29, 2008
Top Definition
Abundant, plentiful and ample supply of Labia or Quimm. The beef of the vertical cheeseburger. The meat between the buns. The hanging meat curtains. Easily seen even with the females legs closed. Use of the word 'fillet' usually infers a willingness or desire to perform oral gratification on said lady.
"I thought Shula's offered the best fillet in town... Boy, was I wrong!"

"As she stood naked before me I gave thanks for the bounteous feast of juicy fillet I was about to enjoy."
by Grund1e August 31, 2006
an alternative word for seriously nice breasts,
John:" jaysus Tony check out the fillets on your one".

Tony:"serious pair!!"
by filletlover October 25, 2007
Fillet has a threefold definition at least. 1) To fillet is to completely annihilate a broad. You know what I mean. 2)To fillet also means do something negative to. 3)To fillet also means to succeed beyond belief at some task or event.
1) This chick was into me, so I went ahead and fillet-d her.
2) I wrecked my truck and the power pole fillet-d my grill.
3) I totally fillet-d my final exam despite not studying!
by The Threat July 24, 2008
Dis is means a state or act of relaxation. Like a fillet of fish, boneless, limp, and sometimes grilling in a pan, so is the one in a filleting act, usually positioned on a couch with many pillows propping one up in the optimal fillet, or most comfortable position. In this position of relaxation it is common to see people with head back or in awkward positions, mouth open, tongue out, snoring, signifying the relaxed state.
Im just filleting on the couch, ain't nothin goin on today.

Dang, that fool knows how to fillet.
by texasjuice March 31, 2009
1. a boneless cut or slice of meat or fish, esp. the beef tenderloin
2. how you call your dick when it weights over 2 1/2 pounds
1. Mmmm! This fillet is really tasty!
2. When I showed her my fillet over the webcam she almost fainted.
by jay-x April 29, 2008
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