Its Father In Law ... Simple typo replacement is FIL
My FIl is the best Father in law in this world ... :)
by Viz22 June 26, 2016
Faller In Lover any person who cares more for someone else than they do about their self.
Cara won't stop fallowing kyle around i think she might be a F.I.L.
by 9999999 October 05, 2007

1- slang for Filipinos (humiliating sometimes)
2- abbreviation for people from Philippines
3- prefix related to anything from Philippines
1- hey there were 3 fils in the party yesterday and of course freeloaders as usual.

2- he\she's a fil
3- Fil-American / Fil-Food
by DXBSAM May 24, 2009
abbreviation of Father-in-law; often used in internet conversation
My FIL is flying down to see my husband and me this weekend.
by TweedyChic March 27, 2005
An abbreviation for Fool In love
OMG! Beth, I saw Jack at the pumping gas at the gas station yesterday. He didn't realize it was me so i beeped. He waved, paused a second, and then he had this really big shit eating grin on his face only a FIL would have.
by GHFdaja87 February 26, 2006
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