usually accosiated with an (awkward) and somewhat funny looking guy who has a huge (horse like penis) that balges on one side. has a foot (fetish) and gets (aroused) when rubbed by (feet), and having them around and in his mouth.
slept with fil last night eh?

yep, hes got a weird ass penis though
by sendmessage November 14, 2010
someone whos gets invited home by 2 hot girls and says no
2 girls: you wanna come back to our place
fil: nah
2 girls: it will be fun
fil: im having fun dancing with those guys over there
by richard tolj May 21, 2008
when 2 girls invite you back to your place and you say no
2 girls: hey are you coming home with us
fil: nah ill be right
2 girls:it will be fun
fil:nah im having fun dancing with those guys on the dancefloor
by thomas turnbull May 21, 2008
1. a cougar hunter
2. guy who sneaks out of his dorm room to kill people for money with a knife because it's silent
"She could be his mom!"
"He must be a Fil!"
by lupe2458230 January 07, 2009
formerly known as phil partington, the man we wish we were all as cool as. usually found testing burned DVDs at 3 in the morning.
"man, fil you so coo'!"
by cathy pacheco July 19, 2004
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