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A young New York Rap artist
-WOW! Bro this song "Wish You Knew" is amazing.
-Who is this?
by Todawgliutethat up May 31, 2007
The acronym for "Figure It Out"
When somebody (aka a pledge) keeps asking you stupid questions about a relatively minor task, you just tell them to "FIO"
by Dane McLeod July 03, 2007
The definition for F.I.O. is Fart It Off. First known use in 1963 in Colorado. When a situation emerges over which you have little reasonable control just Fart It Off.
When my boss decided to chew my butt today for no good reason I decided to just F.I.O. and do my job.
by Bill Mahan May 25, 2008
Acronym for the phrase "Figure it out".
John- "What are you doing tonight?"

Jane- "Not sure yet, but I need to FIO."
by Ya Boy FIO December 20, 2013
Text and IM speak for "Figure It Out".
Chelsea: "OMG!!! How do you make the car go vrooom!!??"
Zoe: " Wow Chelsea, F.I.O why don't ya!!"
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008
"Fap it out"

The pivotal part of any decision making process, in which you must masturbate to flush your body of all sexual influences, in order to clear your head and think critically about something. To be used specifically before calling ex girlfriends.
Example 1:

Person A: "Dude, I've been thinking about calling my ex girlfriend and trying to get her back"

Person B: "I don't know what to say man. Just Fio and see how you feel"

(one fap later:)

Person A: "Yeah man I Fio'd and thought about it, I'm soooo glad I didn't call her."

Person B: "Good thing you made sure to Fio before you did something stupid"
by splav April 29, 2014
What ElusiveBooger can walk to, but can't have, yet.... >:) (supa high speed internet)
I want Fios and only Keller gets it!!!!
by ElusiveBooger September 12, 2004
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