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The act of telling a lie, half truth or other tall tale for no apparent reason whatsoever, usually to obscure some seemingly trivial fact or detail, then continuing to perpetuate the lie despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

A fez is usually told to cover up something everyone else other than the fezzer already knows and accepts as an obvious truth.

The act of "fezzing" is named after fabulous Fez Whatley, co-host of the Ron & Fez show which airs Weekdays 11am-3pm EST on SiriusXM's Opie & Anthony channel.
He said he still lived on Retard Island, but he was fezzing. He actually moved to Manhattan 15 months ago.

He said he got a cab to work. It was a bold face fez! He actually walked in. Why did he fez about something so trivial?

Man, did you hear the show today?! Fez was fezzing like crazy! It was driving Ronnie & the audience nuts. Ron must have the patience of a saint to put up wit all of fezzes Fez tells. Ronnie is a hero.

He fezzed for years about having not seen a movie and no one really understood why.
by TheContrarian November 06, 2012
Inspired by the tv character Fez from That 70's Show, fezzing is to say a word in a fezetonian accent, or to say one of his catchphrases. This is especially hilarious when said unintendingly.
Claudia: No, its pronounced like ahhhh, chill.
Stuart: Ohhh! i thought it was like awww, i was completely fezzing it, wasnt i?
by d-bombbb February 27, 2009

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