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the ability to be both extremely brainy/intelligent but also extremely sexy/handsome.
"Wow, did you meet him? What a fezz!!! He's AMAZING!!!"
by BrunoSR August 12, 2009
20 7
Nothing,something, anything and everything. Absolutely no boundries when putting the word 'fezz' into context.
'lets get fezz?'.....y the fuck not!!
by Rat dogg June 21, 2005
76 23
a small burnt marijuana cigarette commonly found among poor dopers
"Dude, you left a fezz in my car now it smells like cheech and chong"
by elgoatdog February 29, 2012
25 2
The male version of a camel toe. It's similar to a moose knuckle.
Hey, dad that's a mighty fine fezz you have goin' on!
by fatmaninthefront June 09, 2011
8 3
Someone who conjures up stories that blatantly obvious lies for no apparent reason, over and over again until they believe it themselves when everyone knows there full of shit but is let continue
Geez that bloke can talk some shit, what a fuckin fezz..
by Acrenon November 25, 2003
9 26