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The coolest last name ever. A family of the craziest people you will ever meet.
Wow. They really are Ferroni's.
by Oceana123 October 28, 2008
1.The act of finger dangling, brown eye tickling, and squating on a plunger in no particular order.

2. A person who strongly believes that pro wrestling is real. When this belief is challenged he/she will threaten to have his father sue you for everything you and your parents own.
"I bet that guy Ferroni'd himself before he went to the library."

"He's walking like he Ferroni'd all morning!"

"Ferroni v. Joshua "Too Hott Hot Dog." The Plaintiff claims that Too Hott said Stone Cold is a fictional character and is suing for $30 and 4 hand jobs for emotional distress."

"Munder ferroni's himself a lot. He has like four plungers in the trunk of his car."

by PATTY BEEFSLAB September 25, 2008

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