a derogatory term for a trendy mullet.
look at the ferret on that trendy asshole
by cunkcore July 09, 2005
A sexual act involving a woman pulling on a man's penis.
Nicky did a ferret with Bill.
by DaMAN November 02, 2003
A weasellike, usually albino mammal
a small dizzy smiley blonde from somerset...often to be found with a hayner
yeah i pulled a ferret on friday night and my mate got a hayner
by tclub August 20, 2003
Retarded and physical handicaped cousin from the pole cat.
The ferret is not as smart and agile as the pole cat, but a related species, it never seems to become adult and stays very playfull.
When the ferret runs and jumps, it often hits doors, walls etc by clumsieness, it can't hunt as efficient as the pole cat can etc.
by Podenco May 03, 2006
A nasty, viscious little stinky demon who bites and steals food right out of your hand. "Ferret musk" is the odor that is naturally expressed from its scent glands. they are illegal in some states and ought to be put into extinction.
"What the hell? That goddamn ferret just snatched my cookie, bit me and then stared at me from the corner with pure evil in his eyes and the cookie in his mouth."
by ferretophobic September 05, 2006

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