A lost golf ball. Named after Clive "The Ferret" Ferris, the famous Melbage Cup Golfer.
Cripes, I've hit that one well out of bounds... mark it down as a Ferret.
by Matey October 30, 2003
An insult that has the same meaning as 'idiot', 'scaredy cat' or an unpopular person.
Awww, look at that kid, he's a full on ferret!
by not a ferret June 30, 2010
A mowhawk that looks like a ferret.

Doug- Really? I just thought he put a ferret on his head and walked to school today.
by Ferretqueer April 26, 2010
Animal that apparentally 'kicks ass' but smells like piss.
Wow, that ferret smells like piss.
by Channy<3Aaron July 19, 2007
Australian slang term for the male genitalia. Also used in a term describing the act of sex with a female.
1. Man my ferret is itchy!

2. Shit that shella needs a good ferret!

3. She jumped right on my ferret!
by Cridder November 20, 2006
Rude name for Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter books. after a fight with Harry, Mad Eye Moody turns Draco Malfoy into a white ferret. After that Ron and Harry always call Draco Malfoy a Ferret.
Shut up, you Ferret!
by the_Sonya January 08, 2006
In cricket, a batsman low dowm the batting order. So named because he goes in after the rabbits.
Commentator: "Courtney Walsh strolling to the crease now, a ferret if I ever saw one, sure to get another duck."
by umpirestrikesback February 23, 2005

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