The Ferret and Weasel are closely related and can interbreed.
The Ferret Weasel is called a "Feasel", and its fur is so fine, you will want to Werret.
by Marten Fisher November 25, 2006
Coming from the latin Ferratis Weasalis. An animal of intriguing and fascinating appearance. Looks kinda like a ferret, kinda like a weasel but has a bigger nose and a massive great dick on him.
Last night I seen a ferret weasel try to mount the local parking warden.
by Gordy Willmott August 17, 2006
A derogotary term, often used as a super offensive insult.
That fucking Bagpuss is a fucking ginger ferret weaselin bastard.
by Gordy Willmott August 18, 2006

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