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THEE coolest last name ever. It's a patronymic surname meaning "son of Fernando," with Fernando being a given name meaning "journey, venture." Found throughout Spain and the Hispanic world.

Though a very common last name in the Hispanic world, people with last names like Tapia and Sanchez are jealous of it.

If your last name is Fernandez, you're for sure cooler than your friends. =]
Hector: "Hey lop...Fernandez is a way better than my last name than mine."

Maggie: "I know! I wish my last name was Fernandez too!"
by i'm cooler than you May 05, 2010

1. The end trail of poop. Usually connected to a person with a loud mouth that never stops.

2. a vile and nasty poo that takes the extra strain to get out due to size.

3. Beginning of the end.
Ex. 1
Guy 1: "Lord have mercy, we're at the Fernandez!"

Guy 2: "Looks like it, and sure smells like it too."

Ex. 2
Guy 1: 'Man, that was the worst Fernandez crap I ever had!!"

Guy 2: "You should be a little more quiet and take more fibers."
by Winnre September 08, 2009
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