Fencing is a pseudo-sport where college-age, predominantly virgin male anime fags meet to attempt to learn some sort of ancient art of sword fighting. They will tell you they do it for the competition and athleticism involved, but the truth is that they think it's super awesome to be a sword fighter, which might actually be true if common college fencing clubs actually helped you in any way learn the art of swordplay (the art of killing), not the art of getting points for whacking your friends with a stick.

Fencing is one of those activities that might have been a cooler thing to get into if it hadn't been taken over by geeks and nerds (pretty much the same thing has happened to karate and other forms of martial arts in the last few years). Most of them think that when the zombie apocalypse happens they'll be fighting off hordes of zombies with real swords while fellow survivors look on in awe at their amazing display of dexterity and physical prowess. The fact of the matter is that by trying to fight at close range, these wannabe sword masters will be the first to get overrun and bitten, leaving their smarter friends who brought guns to either save them or make the mercy shot.
An actual conversation I had at the gym with one of my friends who got into fencing:

Me: "Hey man, what's up?"
Him: "Not much, just going to fencing club, you should come."
Me: "Nah man, I'm just here to work out, after that I've gotta get over to the labs to work on some stuff for a project."
Him: "Dude, you're a fucking pussy for not coming to fencing!"
Me: "What the hell man, you're a fucking pussy for not working out for real. Have fun beating sticks together with a bunch of other sweaty dudes."
by RC_rep October 03, 2010
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The three-fingered act of stimulating the Vagina and/or the Anus. Fencing is a two-person exercise, usually, but not always necessarily completed by a male to a female. The giver raises one hand into the air in a fencing motion to maximise stimulation and final climatic convulsion.
"Hey what was going on last night at the party?"
"I don't know but I walked in on Andy fencing Amy, I tell you that guy deserves a Gold Medal"

"Bro you should check out my fencing technique! If there were judges I'd get allllll 10s!"

"All riiiiiight"
by Creepy McFanta Lips May 28, 2013
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When two men rub and glide their erect penises against one another as a sexual activity. Often done while at the same time french kissing. More commonly known as sword fighting.
Bob: "What are you, twelve years old? No gay guys don't have sex by rubbing their dicks together. They have anal sex...usually. I'm sure there's more to it than just that."

13 year old: "They also rub their dicks together. It's called fencing."

Bob: "I'm sure you know that from experience..."

13 year old: "Oh fuck you, Bob!"
by nickreaper September 03, 2012
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A sport where you fall on your butt a lot off a big red wall. If you can get over this wall then you are classified as one of the 'cool list' or 'a list fencers.'

This is a REAL SPORT, no matter what people says.
Pirates like Johnny Depp CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow
You have to do conditioning...
Ex. suicides, candlesticks jump highs, sit ups, push ups, lunges..
You have to have muscles...
You have to be fast...fast reflexes
and be weird and/or foreign.

And tall.

like a GIANT!

Also, you cannot slack off or you'll get hit by a wrench.

F-Freaks Future ballet dancers
E-Extreme Excersize
N-Nifty Knickers
C-Cool Socks
I-Ignoring Newbies
N-No Normal People Allowed
G-Good Reflexes
Guy 1- Hey, my parents are making me join fencing!
Girl 1- That's awesome! You get those cool socks!
Guy 1- Yeah but i have to move to England!
Girl 1- HARDCORE! I'm going there for my honeymoon!
by fencingfencingfreaks January 19, 2008
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A term given to the act of a Fencer
a person/people engaged in Male homosexual behavior in which the two gentlemen are using their male parts as swords

in sexual battle against each other with very arousing results.

See--Fencer NOUN
I saw two guys fencing in the park this afternoon
by MrSmarts1986 November 20, 2010
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An activity in which fags assmeble pretending to be athletic. Mindless drivel and shuffling across mats in order to pretend to be straight athletes. The will power to not just wack each other is amazing. However, fencing is not a sport but rather a gayer version of arts and crafts.
Fencing is not a sport
by l March 04, 2005
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A complete non-sport for fat women and skinny boys, as well as old guys who like to tickle each other with metal. Kids are often directed to this non-sport by soccer moms and and dads who want to think they will look hip and different if their kids are involved in something as useless and gay as fencing. Really, what hetero male wants to be seen poncing around in tights?

This non-sport requires an ability to endure endless hours of boredom, whiny adults, and incompetent almost-coaches who want you to call them Master. In their language, they'll say Maestro, thinking you will think it sounds cool to say it. And they want you to spend every free dollar you
have to do it. Then they will convince you that you are part of some elite group when, in reality, you're just another fencing queer spending your free time mincing around in white tights, white hose, and ballet-like shoes.

Don't let these fencing fags fool you. True sports are things like football, boxing, snowboarding, surfing, kung fu, racing, and basically anything else that is actually requires true skill and is fun versus just pretending to.

In addition, fencing faggots lie harder the deeper they get involved in this lame endeavor. They become so addicted to
pointing their wanna-be swords at each other, they will tell you they are not gay ( lie ) and are athletes ( lie ) and come from a rich history of swordsman ( lie ). The equipment used today, unlike actual weapons used in duels of old, are not swords and do not have any ability to actually kill. Which is a pity, because then maybe they'd finally go away for good or at least consider putting on the frilly dress and being done with it.
Seriously, if you want to get into a REAL martial art, get into one that you can actually USE for self-defense. Kung Fu, Karate, or Boxing.
Q:"Did you hear I have started fencing?"

A: *gasp!* "I KNEW you were a faggot! Dude,
we can't hang out anymore."

by Tom Jenson January 16, 2008
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