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A trustworthy individual who acts as a middle man between a seller and a network of buyers in black market exchanges, especially those relating to illegal goods. Usually helps facilitate the sale process and is in place to keep the seller (and, consequently, posesser) of the illegal goods from getting set up or screwed over.

Origins: The idea that the fence around the yard keeps the neighbors and cops from looking in and seeing what people are doing.
Fence (on phone to dealer) ~ Yo I got these people who are gonna want a cut, I'll be over in an hour

Dealer ~ Okay man that's $40

Fence ~ okay (calls buyer) I've got your shit, meet me at the Plaza in two hours with $40
by teezy33 November 10, 2006
V. To be shut out by a smokin hot girl, due to the simple fact that there are just too many other cocks around her. (for the less intelligent, this is not a good thing)

A common occurence at bars/clubs/frat parties.
I saw this amazingly gorgeous girl at the keg, but I was cocked out by the 8 frat boys she was with.
by teezy33 December 02, 2006
A huge blunt that has been rolled by a bloody Scot, thus the smoke is thick and black, and it pulls so fiercely that it causes others (who aren't bloody scots) to cough furiously, and then drink large quantities of water in order to soothe their throat.
Dude (cough)....that scotty kicks like a fucking bitch! (cough cough)
by teezy33 November 01, 2006
That useless piece of skin around a vagina
I wanted to fuck that pussy, but the damn woman got in the way
by teezy33 November 10, 2006
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