When you drink a nice coke and you get that feeling in your throat that sort of makes you tear up bit
Did you get that feeling?
by Dimdiddy September 30, 2011
Why are you looking up the word “Feelings”? Is it because you want some insight on how to describe the feelings that you have? Let me describe the feelings that I have.

I wish I had someone to make me feel no alone. No one knows how much I NEED someone to make me happy. I'm sinking in the quicksand of my own emotions and I need someone to pull me out. No one is there to save me. Absolutely no one to pull me out. I don't know how much longer I can go on feeling like this. I have no one and I never have either. I've been trying to find the answer, but I’m beginning to think that there is no answer. There is no answer to the loneliness that I feel. There is no way out of the quicksand of my own emotions. People say that there is always someone else in the world that feels exactly how you do. Knowing that doesn’t make me feel any less alone. My feelings have been like this for many years, and they seem to be getting worse. I wish that I could just shut my feelings away and just be happy. However, I can’t do that. I praise anyone that has the ability to do that. I don’t know when my feelings will change. I put all my hope into changing the way I feel, soon. If I don’t change my feelings, I am certain that they will be the death of me.

To whoever says that they don’t feel somewhat alone…You liar. Everyone feels alone sometimes. I bet that almost everyone when asked how they feel, they say, "I'm fine", when they really aren't. Stop being so proud or so scared and admit to someone that you feel alone. If you don’t want to admit it to someone, at least admit it to yourself.
Asked: "How are you feeling?"

Answered: "I'm fine."
by FeelingLikeHell May 04, 2009
Something us men don't have.
Laurie:" I had sex with him last night and he hasn't called me yet."

Jackie: "It's okay men don't have any feelings."
by Dickdaddy September 08, 2012
Something males lack and females have too much of.
"Do men even have feelings?"

"Clearly they don't, did you hear what happened between them?"
by Mapo000035119 February 19, 2015
your feelings is when you get all emotional about somthin. about a female or something that is not key to your survival in life.
say yo, you need to check that brawd. i no you wanna get married and she loves you but you cant be gettin all in your feelings comin over here. take that shit to yo house fool.

say man hes dead. aint nothing you can do hommie. its dun. they shot him and hes dead. no need to go gettin in your feelings about it. lets just go cap them fools that killed shugi.
by who dat January 09, 2005
something that is felt by emotional people. Feelings are for soft people.
person 1: damn nigga your breath stinks

person 2: why would you say that, you're hurting my feelings
by ********************* April 02, 2005
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