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Any federal government agency, department, organization, council, association, or representative thereof who pries into a person's private business or otherwise molests him.
Taxpayer: "The fuckin fedophiles at the IRS are jail raping me for 1500 dollars this year!"

Traveler: "The fedophiles at the boarder gate said I couldn't travel without a passport."

College Student: "The fedophiles in Congress need to understand they are never going to stop people from sparking the owl (lighting a joint)"
by jj1221 February 20, 2010
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One who is completely obsessed with Roger Federer.
Phrase coined by GOTOTENNIS
That woman is SUCH a fedophile
by FreakyFrites March 27, 2009
A TSA agent sworn to serve and protect the flying public by molesting children.
Those TSA fedophiles want the right to unionize.


by nrbrkr December 03, 2010
A government official who can't keep his hands out of our pockets
Harry Reid is a fedophile.
by Big Al pogo February 26, 2010

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