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A game played by the current President and other members of his/her party while inside the Oval Office. This game usually features the President and several of the nation's powerbrokers running around the Oval Office - naked, mind you - grabbing at each other's rear ends.
President Obama, tired after an exhausting night of Oval Office Grab-ass with Harry Reid and Joe Biden, lit a joint, ignoring the distinct fragrance of petroleum jelly that filled the room as a result of the evening's little "game".
by jj1221 October 21, 2009
Any individual who routinely plunders, invades, and/or pillages the ass of another.
1. Because of his many expeditions into the rectal portions of other men, Mark Hamilton is considered an Ass-maurader by many.

2. Mark Hamilton's continual invasion of his (male) secretary's ass eventually let to him being defined as an Ass-maurader.

3. An Ass-maurader, such as UA President Mark Hamilton, makes frequent journeys to the rectal regions of others.
by jj1221 October 17, 2009
Having just been sodomized (literally or metaphorically) against one's will.
1. Every April 15, I get ass lynched by the fuckin' IRS.

2. The professor told the students that the midterms would be equivalent to being ass lynched.
by jj1221 October 21, 2009
1. Any place that is boring as hell.

2. A rumored region believed to occupy western Canada.
The Yukon Territory, believed to exist by many, may actually be naught but a fantasy of the Canadian Geographic Society.
by jj1221 October 19, 2009
Largely self-explanatory. A buttfucking democrat is a wildly liberal individual, who may, in many cases, actually engage in sodomistic acts. Buttfucking Democrats usually infest large cities where they spread diseases such as syphilis and genital warts to other buttfucking Democrats.
Rush Limbaugh: So, caller, what do you think of Obama?

Caller: He's a buttfucking Democrat.
by jj1221 October 21, 2009
Any federal government agency, department, organization, council, association, or representative thereof who pries into a person's private business or otherwise molests him.
Taxpayer: "The fuckin fedophiles at the IRS are jail raping me for 1500 dollars this year!"

Traveler: "The fedophiles at the boarder gate said I couldn't travel without a passport."

College Student: "The fedophiles in Congress need to understand they are never going to stop people from sparking the owl (lighting a joint)"
by jj1221 February 20, 2010

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