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A social "movement" brought to attention through internet memes and word of mouth that has almost no validity in the real world and will become passe in a matter of months.
Common sense person: "let's go occupy the apple store, they are a money grubbing corporation, right?"
Hipster douchebag: "Occupy apple? I need my iphone to pass along all the latest fads. Besides occupy is so 2011, it's all about Kony 2012!"
Common sense person: "you're just buying into the latest fad. You're such a hipster fauxtivist"
by Yes_it_was_me March 08, 2012
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A person advocating a cause over the internet but not making any real effort for the cause in other aspects.
Dude this guy has been spamming my wall with Kony all weekend, what a fauxtivist.


Everybody changed their facebook image to a cartoon character for a cause? Nope not really, just more fauxtivists.
by Herp Derp March 07, 2012
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