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1. The worse type of ass-whooping you can get by someone else.

A beat down so bad, you have to hide it for seven years before you can recover and tell someone about it.

2. A douchebag who beats his children and hides behind the law and claims that because he "apologized" he did not commit child abuse.
Dude 1: "Did you hear what happened to Johnny?"

Dude 2: "Yeah, his chick went all judge Adams on his ass for cheating on her."
by Yes_it_was_me November 02, 2011
A white woman who dates thug or ghetto black men. Usually tend to be overweight and has tattoos of "her baby daddy (ies)" on her breasts.
Dumb white girl: I met Tyrone at Wal-Mart. He took me to the McDonald's to have a coke. We went to his sister's apartment afterwards and omg, sex was great!

Smart white girl: HAHA, you're a co-signer! Yeah, he'll fuck you right, but get ready to co-sign for his car loan, his apartment, his rims, his new grill... ETC
by Yes_it_was_me December 02, 2010
When you see a girl with an awesome big booty, but she has a small head not proportionate to the rest of her body.
Carlos: Damn, look at that booty.

Lou: I know! She's a tiny face. What up Tiny Face!
by Yes_it_was_me February 01, 2011
A social "movement" brought to attention through internet memes and word of mouth that has almost no validity in the real world and will become passe in a matter of months.
Common sense person: "let's go occupy the apple store, they are a money grubbing corporation, right?"
Hipster douchebag: "Occupy apple? I need my iphone to pass along all the latest fads. Besides occupy is so 2011, it's all about Kony 2012!"
Common sense person: "you're just buying into the latest fad. You're such a hipster fauxtivist"
by Yes_it_was_me March 08, 2012
1. Chest piece tattoos used to separate themselves from the masses and identify their fellow hipsters. In reality they are every bit as slutty and "look at me" as the traditional tramp stamp in the lower back.

2. A lame attempt to live in a counter-norms culture that typically results douche bag behaviors like wearing $100 ripped jeans and designer glasses while drinking lots of Pabst Blue Ribbon after driving expensive Jettas from their expensive inner loop apartments and comparing Pres. Bush to Hitler.
TGB: Chest piece tattoos are every bit as slutty and "look at me" as the traditional tramp stamp. They should be named Hipster Tramp Stamp.

Hipster Douchebag: That name is stupid. I don't see what's wrong with chest pieces or tramp stamps. I think they're cool.

TGB: Says the guy with both kinds of tramp stamps.
by Yes_it_was_me August 28, 2012

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