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A sparse goatee grown while on vacation or over a long weekend. Typically grown by yuppie bankers, accountants or lawyers trying to shed their wholesome weekday image and prove some level of rebellion.
Girl 1: Hey check out that guy - he looks pretty hot.
Girl 2: Nah, it's a fauxtee. Total dork, it'll be gone monday morning.
by JuniorBater November 04, 2010
A mustache and beard that does not connect with each other to make a complete goatee.
I can't get my beard to connect with my mustache, so I have to settle with the fauxtee.
by Lu Menace April 02, 2012
A shaving of the facial hair, usually of a teenage boy, meant to resemble a goatee. But usually they don't have enough facial hair to make it noticeable anyway.
13-year-old 1: Hey, you like my goatee?
13-year-old 2: Dude you don't even have enough hair to have a goatee. That's like a fauxtee.
by Ben Cannon October 09, 2005

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