To masturbate with as lubricant one's own vomit.
Hey derp what are you doing in there?

-I'm Fausting, mom!

Hey Derp, do you know what to faust means?
by Skarowp October 04, 2012
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A German magician and alchemist who sold his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for wisdom.
Faust sold his soul to gain knowledge.
by RichterScale November 06, 2005
Meaning "fist" in German, Faust is a description of a person who is unbelievably kickass and the life of the party.
"Finally, the Faust is here!"

"I'm gonna be Fausty tonight."
by trainwreck12390428032195 November 15, 2009
A word to describe a person who will easily sell themselves or their friends out for personal gain.
(He/She/It) is a faust.
by Tevetoglu January 15, 2007
Two kick ass girls who pretend to be wizards and scale mountains in the Eastern Kingdom
You: Have you seen those Faust sisters?
Them: Yeah! I think they're going to go pour milk on someone
by imospen November 27, 2009
The act of transmitting STD's through one's ear
One: Hey, what did you get on that test that time.

Two: Shut up or i'll faust you.
by RudeRedHead January 08, 2012
Someone who hides homosexual tendencies.
That Guy needs to stop fausting and come out already!
by Johnnymacintos April 17, 2009

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