Can be used as an insult or as a general descriptive word.
"Look at that guy, what a faust!"

"God my head feels fausty this morning"
by Sean_G June 08, 2005
Someone who is constantly alone. A person who does nothing but aimlessly walks this earth in search of some sort of human contact. He/She is udderly, and helplessly alone.
Dude, Andrew is such a faust. He does nothing but drive around in that redneck-ass Firebird all day long.
by Hans Melmer March 04, 2008
Used during the late 1930's and early 1940's by the so-called "swing kid" crowd of Nazi Germany to describe a particularly unattractive woman.
You slept with her? That chick is a total faust!
by Trask238 October 14, 2007
something extremely plain. it would be something like no color, no personality, or no emotion, etc.
wow, that kid is so faust!
stop being so faust and get excited.
by kdro91 October 13, 2006

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