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An Arabic name. A beautiful person, with a charming and seductive personality that dazzles you. Her beauty is known as "Magical".
That girl is Fatin.
by reha89 February 23, 2010
Fatin is a all around sweet and innocent girl. She doesn't care for high school 'groups' and only does what she's comfortable with. You will never see her give into peer pressure. Her personality is honest and loyal with a dry sense of humor.
hey Fatin want to go smoke some bud? We're already here and have it out..

nahh, i don't do that. You guys can though don't mind me!
by radiant r a v e r March 18, 2011
the art of sitting around and doing nothing,hanging out with your friends and ordering dominos
Hey wats up oh noFFin just fatin around
by Dolores Corrado May 28, 2007
the result picking up a couple of larger sized person and taking them home. effectively its an orgy with fat a love in but supersized.
i don't think my bed can support another fat in
by secret weasal December 07, 2010
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