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A young man with the skin tone of actual fat in its purest form. Flabby, chubby, with actual breasts. No muscle, braces and a voice that is like that of a 5 year old girl. Clearly in its prepubescent state. This young man has no athletic talent or skill whatsoever and a lack of intelligence is also clear. To hide his chubby face and pink breasts this young man will use his parents money to buy clothes to add to his foolish idea of style. His wardrobe spans from the most 'Ed Hardy' of all Ed Hardy sweaters to tight black Kappa track suite. In addition to these articles of clothing is the piece that made him famous, a tight pink polo shirt that just looks horrible. This young man rounds of with having no integrity, no ambition, and just wasting the worlds time.
Dustin and kyle walk up beside a Fat kid in a polo. Dustin says," Hey Kyle, turn around and check out that 'Fat kid in a polo'" Kyle turns around, makes eye contact, looks him up and down, and deliberately laughs at him. He then turns around to Dustin and says," What a fag..."
by Dustin_P May 11, 2010
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Fat kid in a polo describes your not-so-averagly fat kid, wearing a too tight pink polo shirt.

Although his wardrobe consists of track suits, knock off Ed Hardy clothing and fairy wings; The pink polo shirt really tops all of these articles off. Being too tight, pink, and fitted way to snugly to a fat boy's body, it really is quite the "sight to see".

In the pubesent state that "Fat kid in a polo" is in, he is mostly consisted of:
Greasy hair, acne, flubbery skin, and a voice of an 11 year old girl.

He is overweight ( still shedding off the "baby fat") and extremly immature.

He has absolutely no athletic ability, although he is a sad exscuse for a member of the football team and claims he is "Technically part of the basketball team" - i don't think water boy counts fat kid.

If you shall ever encounter Fat kid in a polo; take the following into consideration - He is an unusual species and his feelings will be hurt if you call him fat. He may be seen dressed as a fairy, or a pirate but only on rare occasions in which he will change in the bathroom to avoid name calling and teasing.

Fat kid in a polo can be addressed like so, and somehow have no reaction other then "Did you see those guys? .. They were being really mean to me"
Cool Guy #1 "Hey fat kid, is that a pink polo you're wearing?"

Cool Guy #2 " why does it say Abercrombie and Stitch? .. Is that a knock-off fat kid? "

Cool guy #1 *deliberatly laughs in fat kid's face* "Why yes cool guy #2 , I think it is."


Everyone surrounding" Hhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaha yea fat kid in a polo, you're so fat and your polo is way to tight!"

Cool Guy #1 & Cool Guy #2 " You should stick to track suits"
by JudgementalMcGee November 17, 2010
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