movie that was made by retards, for retards. why the heck in the beginning is there an exhaust manifold pressure build-up? its pretty much a tube going to the back of the car, how would there be pressure problems? i could see boost failure off of the turbo... MAYBE. and when it does fail, why does the floor fall out? firs the manifold is in the engine compartment, second, the floor is one big stamped piece of steel, there is no reason for it to be bolted on...

and nobody would take a supra like that to fix up. its a toyota and thus there are many, why waste your time with a rusted out pos?

tells you that any car is faster with T3h NaWs Yo!!!

thanks fast and the furious for raising a bunch of retards that think a jetta, 240sx, or supra could kill ferraris
in the fast and the furious, everyon likes to talk about the scene where paul beats the ferarri with his supposedly (supposed because getting a rusted out car to look like that is pretty much impossible) cheaper supra. but don't forget, the ferarri drives off a loser, but with a smokin hot babe in the passenger seat that he will undoubtedly bang all knight. Paul gets to drive off with the ever- attractive vin diesel. who would you rather have hot, sweaty sex with, smokin hot babe, or good ol vinnie?
by The only sane guy in Lafayette February 10, 2006
The movie that re defined chemistry. Apparently it is now possible to blow up an inert gas (NOS) by using a cigarette lighter. Nitrous (aka. NOS) is actually Nitrous Oxide or N2O. I do not see any hydrocarbons to burn there.(Quick chemistry lesson: When nitrous oxide is heated up, such as in an engine, it breaks apart to become separate nitrogen and oxygen molecules. This provides more oxygen to the engine which in turn gives you more performance) The movie that also gave a bad name to the R34 Skyline, and the Supra, and BMW, and many other respectable cars. As for exhaust manifold buildup... the only way I can see this happening is if your turbo suddenly decided it liked being a brick wall instead.
Even though Hollywood says it's possible, you still cannot burn an inert gas. Fast and the Furious made my inner car guy cry.
by 970AG April 27, 2009
Extremely shit movie which lacks a key point, a storyline. Stupid rice boys like the movie because of shit cars with green and orange bodykits that contain 'nos'. The cars are so shit that NOS is the only thing that can make the skips on wheels to move. Also stars extemely shit actors, such as Vin Diesel
Some kid: That orange car in fast and furious is teh best car in the movie!

Me: Orange car? I thought it was a rusty skip...
by Lewis February 01, 2004
movie I'll watch but never buy or rent with my own money.
The movie's alright as long as you're watching for free so you don't have to beat yourself up over the transparent plot.
by Shawn E. June 24, 2003
A totally retarded movie about criminals and a cop who basically the entire movie is them racing fast cars and high-tailing it away from cops.
Fast and the Furious is booty ass donkey balls
by anonymous June 13, 2003
a shit movie that inspired a whole subculture of spotty faced boys to hot up cars that are best left to the shopping run.
Apart from Vin Diesels dragster of course.

Most offensive was the scene where one of these hotted up shitboxes drags off a Ferrari.. so what? I dont care how fast your ricer is, or how low it is, it is not a Ferrari, it has no glorious past like Ferrari have, and a Ferrari sitting still will always be more beautiful than any rice burner at any speed.
"hey, did you see the Fast and the Furious?"

"do I look like a spotty faced kid?, does my girlfriend look like a car hoe?"
by 750Monza August 21, 2009
A shite movie.
Fast and the Furious: I actually put a lot of money into my car and I actually look after it, because of the money I've poured into it.

But this movie gives the image that money trees do exist in California, the way these guys throw the dollar around! Not one of them care! (ie. Tokyo Drift - Jap dude lends his car to an unknown American guy. American guy smashes it up in a car park, Jap dude befriends him and smiles.)

Anyway, list of things wrong with the movie that I noticed upon watching it for the first time:

1. Not one person waits for their turbo to cool down before switching off the engine.........ouch!

2. The first race, Paul Walker uses 2 shots of NOS and STILL can't get above 140mph to beat Vin. My car doesn't have NOS and it'll go up to 155mph quicker than that whole scene.

3. After said race, Vin breaks into speech with: "Granny shiftin, not double-clutchin like you should!"...............Eeeerrr, yeah, someone please tell me where during a drag race you need to 'double-clutch???'

4. The guy with the ass-kicking S2000 from race wars only had 1 full day to fit the WHOLE engine, yes, during that 1 day he was also cuffed by SWAT. So who and where the hell will fit an engine and tune a car in just 1 day!?!?!

5. At the end of the movie, Vin flips a 9 second car at top speed, no air bag or other safety features cushion his disastrous escapade.....But, good old Vinnie hops straight into a 10 second Supra and burns off toward Mexico.
by ST205 October 07, 2009
A hyperactive/high person on coffee/chocolate/chocolate milk/alcohol/drugs with a furious libido/sex drive.
Person: Settle down, man how many chocolates or drinks have you had. You seem "Fast"! So hyperactive that I can't keep up with!

Hyperactive person: Yeah I feel "Fast".

Person: Furious as well?

Hyperactive person: What do you mean?

Person: How high is your libido, right now?

Hyperactive person: Very high.

Person: well there you go, your "furious", "Fast and The Furious".
by Fair Care - Care Fair :) May 30, 2016
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