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A shite movie.
Fast and the Furious: I actually put a lot of money into my car and I actually look after it, because of the money I've poured into it.

But this movie gives the image that money trees do exist in California, the way these guys throw the dollar around! Not one of them care! (ie. Tokyo Drift - Jap dude lends his car to an unknown American guy. American guy smashes it up in a car park, Jap dude befriends him and smiles.)

Anyway, list of things wrong with the movie that I noticed upon watching it for the first time:

1. Not one person waits for their turbo to cool down before switching off the engine.........ouch!

2. The first race, Paul Walker uses 2 shots of NOS and STILL can't get above 140mph to beat Vin. My car doesn't have NOS and it'll go up to 155mph quicker than that whole scene.

3. After said race, Vin breaks into speech with: "Granny shiftin, not double-clutchin like you should!"...............Eeeerrr, yeah, someone please tell me where during a drag race you need to 'double-clutch???'

4. The guy with the ass-kicking S2000 from race wars only had 1 full day to fit the WHOLE engine, yes, during that 1 day he was also cuffed by SWAT. So who and where the hell will fit an engine and tune a car in just 1 day!?!?!

5. At the end of the movie, Vin flips a 9 second car at top speed, no air bag or other safety features cushion his disastrous escapade.....But, good old Vinnie hops straight into a 10 second Supra and burns off toward Mexico.
by ST205 October 07, 2009

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