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The most amazing, brilliant, sexy girl in the world. A girl that can make your head spin, heart skip a beat, and legs give out from under you. She has the most dazzling smile, cutest eyes, and prettiest face you can find. If she walks past you her perfume goes straight to your heart and makes you drool. Farzana has the hottest voice on the planet. If she even looks at you you feel like melting. Bottom line...There's no girl out there better than Farzana!
Guy 1: Im going out with the hottest most amazing girl ever...

Guy 2: OMG, you mean...?

Guy 1: yup...Farzana!
by BaghDaddy1 August 25, 2010
Wise , brilliant person .
She's so farzana . =P
by Khan16 November 27, 2007
farzana is a name thats given to a slut. she has millions of boyfriends at the same time just cos she wants to look cool and become more popular amongst her friends. she is also a user and a player. basically she is a girl that you would want to stay away from.
guy1: i am going out with farzana.
guy2: my girlfriend is called farzana too.
guy3: guys farzana is my girlfriend.
guy4: ummmm....well she might be your girlfriend but she had sex with me
by farzana1234 July 16, 2011
Dopey, funny but a bit of a falashoobir.
BOB: What does BOB mean?
Me: You're SUCH a Farzana!
by Tasnim16 October 22, 2010
A species of bird which has been identified in films such as Alice in Wonderland, though the type of bird still remains a mystery. It has been said that a Farzana often looks like a dodo bird but other scientists have the opinion that it resembles a flamingo.

There is still ongoing research about said bird and whether or not it can lay eggs on demand.
Genus species:
Feda'i farzana
by Mu'minah March 20, 2010
someone who just farted
stop farting, farzana!!
by tamiza October 28, 2008

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