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it's a website. you send in text messages or short conversations "from last night" that were funny and if it's good they put them on the website. then the people that go on the site decide, based on that text, if it was a good or bad night.

some of them are really hilarious

(843): Grinding on my ninth grade teacher. Dreams really do come true

(201): I'm smoking weed out of a trumpet
(908): I just did a slip and slide down the hall way of my apartment building
(201): Tie

(813): I'm fucking your sister right now.
(1-813): You motherfucker
(813): She's next.


(314): So I went on a date with this girl...and whos our waitress? My girlfriend got a second job she didn't tell me about to afford my bday present.

(609): I just got a rly sharp new razor and was shaving down there...
(1-609): and?
(609): RIP clitoris

(325): wtf he couldnt undo my bra, i asked him if it was his first time and he said "with a girl? yeah"
by texter098892 July 31, 2009
A website hosting usually funny text. The format of a post goes by area code then the text. It is organized similar to FML, LOLCATS, Failbook, and MLIA
A typical "texts from last night"


just got passed by a van of kids watching the little mermaid. debating speeding so i can watch


Didn't u have court just yesterday for ur driving?


IT'S THE LITTLE MERMAID! totally worth another year of probation
by Refresh100 June 29, 2010
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