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The act or process of wandering aimlessly with no particular goal.
at state park
<park ranger> what are you planning on doing
<me> umm... just fartin` around
<park ranger> sorry we dont allow farting
by DUMPY March 23, 2005
delaying something unnecessarily by dawdling, and slacking off
quit piss farting around like an old jin and clean the freaking car
by Squatdog October 26, 2003
Clean version of fucking around. Doing nothing in particular.
by AIRelemental October 27, 2003
wasting time doing something ineffective or worthless.
Look at Cole, farting around with the ball again.
by Dunky Oggins October 27, 2003
wasting time. doing what you ought not be doing.
Dad: What is all this "farting around?" I asked you to rake the leaves 4 hours ago!
Kids: Sorry, we had to finish our Playstation 2 game!
by Genius October 28, 2003
like procrastinating, not getting to the point, or just mucking around
1. Stop farting around, you look like a dickhead
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
A term that baby sitters use to describe what the kids are currently doing.
"I'm tired of those kids farting around, I hope they like booger sandwiches."
by Teevo March 24, 2008
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