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A hollow rod that varies between half an inch in diameter to five inches in diameter that people shove up their ass to help release farts.
Amber: Oh my, what is that stinky smell in the living room? Gasp! I didn't see you sitting over there Toby. I declare, what is that poking out of the bottom of your jorts? Is that mud smeared all over that rather oblong hollow stick? Get that out of your jorts right now! Why do you have an erection? Why is Grand-Ma-Ma's room open?


Amber: Toby, that is disgusting! No! No! Put that down this instant. Tell me it isn't true. Did you go in Grand-Ma-Ma's room again and take her Fart Stick?

Toby: Yes.

Amber: Well Mister, you better get the Dial soap, clean that thing off, and think about what you have done.

Toby: pfff-t.
by San Diego Raw Dog April 09, 2010
a stick of frozen fart gas.
Dont you eat my fartstick
by Farty Stickerson August 28, 2003
1.A person who can really piss you off.
2.An object used to show expression
3.An object which is formed from a solid fart.
1.Blake is a fartstick.
2.Oh my fartsticks, Blake just licked himslef!
3.Blake enjoys eating his mom's fartsticks.
by Your friend, Nicole July 24, 2006
An expression of frustration.
Say if you inadvertently drop something, you exclaim: "Aw Fartsicks!" The implication being that a fartstick is something less than desireable.
by BobK May 10, 2008
used to define an unusual event or person.
Hey did you see the game. What a fart stick.
Geez, John is just completely fart stick
by Sticky Steve November 06, 2003
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