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A sexy girl with long, dark, black hair and big, sexy, slanted brown eyes. Loves to laugh, jokes a lot. Beautiful smile. Can make you laugh in a minute. Gets jealous easily, very open-minded. She's never afraid to hurt your feelings; but she says it for the best. A sex magnet. very caring, wild, and INSANE (half the time). Is very short tempered but she can work on that. Farnoush is usually a Taurus; a rare breed. A heart-breaker, and such a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.
I'd tap that farnoush. ;)
by FarnoushAdmirer September 23, 2009
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A short girl with black hair. She has a good sense of humor but is sort of mean. Smells like incense.
did u c dat gurrrrl?!
ya she'z totally a farnoush
by fruit loopZZZZ March 09, 2009
a troll-like person.That no one has respect for. Almost always has major sweat issues,horrifying body odor, & major acne.
Usually a very rude, jealous, backstabbing, bitchy, personality. And is very embarassing to be around.
Ewww....u look like a farnoush today!

Dude go take a shower..u dont wanna smell like farnoush.

For halloween going to be dressed as a farnoush!
by loveyou urbff February 27, 2009

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