a dice game played using 6 die.
last night dara and i played fargle and i kicked her butt.
by crunchy October 26, 2003
Fairies Are Gay Little Elves
Wow, look at that FARGLE flying around over there.
by DBobino October 28, 2008
The feeling of being stoned. Espcially pertaining to the face.
Oh man i'm so fargled right now...
by Chazardous May 22, 2007
The act of participating in fargling, in cooperation with another fargler to achieve and complete the act of fargling. For information on what a fargler is, please click on one of the above links.
I tried to fargle with that guy, but he like totally ignored me! What a thnob!
by Munk March 26, 2005
v. fargle, fargled, fargling, fargles
To fart while gargling.
Dude! I fargled and it smelt minty!
by hydroponics May 28, 2003
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