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4 definitions by crunchy

Cheesy, crunchy, loud
"thats why I love Eta Cruncheese, crunchy, tasty, and loud
by crunchy November 17, 2004
a dice game played using 6 die.
last night dara and i played fargle and i kicked her butt.
by crunchy October 26, 2003
another word for the bit under the head of a penis
my nablet is ichi
i wanna lick your nablet
by crunchy February 07, 2005
Derogatory term used by others to describe rivetheads; Used by rivetheads to denote someone who is deep into the more experimental side of the scene. In which case, it's a compliment.
"Oh hell, that pack of gearwhores just turned the dance floor into a moshpit"

"Damn, that's one k0re gearwhore."
by crunchy August 23, 2004