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A Fat Ass Kappa. Generally underclassmen or pledge who has not been on coke long enough to look like a wrinkled rail.
Guy One " I had sex with a Kappa last night"
Guy Two "DUDE, she was a an ugly bitch"
Guy One" YEah I guess she was kinda a Fappa"
#fat #sorority #girl #ugly #coke
by Dont worry about it haha February 01, 2009
9 Words related to Fappa
a fappa is a massive slap administered to the back of the head when a child has done something wrong european mothers/grandmothers are famous for this
johns mum gave him a massive fappa for smoking
#fappa #fapa #slap #fupa #sfaliara
by thewogboy March 25, 2007
An onomatopoetic word for masturbation.
Fappa fappa fappa fappa fappa...
by Facelift April 10, 2005
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