1. A classic Disney movie featuring ballet-dancing hippos and Mickey Mouse enchanting buckets of soap and water. Set to classical music, it has no plot, no charm and no point. Spawned off the pointless sequel "Fantasia 2000"
2. Portuguese for "Costume"
3. The winner of the third edition of Fox's "American Idol" - A very nasal singer often referred to as Mantasia for her manly attributes. Is ghetto enough to name her 4 year old daughter "Zion", after the city that almost got destroyed in "The Matrix." Plans to name future children "Sunnydale" and "Neverland"
1. "I can't believe I paid 8 dollars to see Fantasia. That movie was crap."
2. "Brazilian Mommy, what will be my fantasia for Halloween."
3. "Dude, I bought the new Fantasia CD thinking it was Macy Gray. That sucks."
by Remote33 September 23, 2005
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A girl whose beyond beautiful and incredibly intelligent. Shes a bit shy at first but when you get to know her shes a great person and you can always have a great time with her around. "Something fantastic"
Ay dude that girl's so cool,she's a definite Fantasia, man.
by TheyCallMeLegend August 24, 2011
A Disney movie that for some reason exists in every stoner's personal collection.
Dude, I watched Fantasia last night on a major buzz, it was awesome.
by unessecary physical contact January 19, 2005
a.) A long and pretty type of music

b.) a loooong Disney movie with lots of music and not a lot of talking. Features "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
a.) Music Teacher: "We'll be playing a new piece for our concert. It's Fantasia on a theme from *insert place here*"
Students: *happy noises*
by milly millerson February 24, 2013
Receiving or Giving head to someone from the passenger seat while driving fast on the free-way.
Example: Hey no one's around, gimme some fantasia!
by pmack0711 October 30, 2009
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