Being awesome, fantastic, and fabulous at the same time.
Something that is extremely amazing
Did you see her outfit?

Yeah it was fantabulous!!!

You are a fantabulous kisser!!
by Emilyab9 March 26, 2013
amazingly wonderful. maginificently glorious. orgasmically good.
that chocolate was fantabulous
by sooz_the_great November 23, 2005
an adjective to describe a situation, thing, or event, or anything you please, that is extremely awesome and great
The day I got my diploma was fantabulous.
by Snow... June 12, 2012
when something is so great and you cant decide weather to call it fantasitc or fabulous.
gf: that movie was...
bf: fantastic? fabulous?
by dmoneyyo November 17, 2011
fantastic and fabulous combined
ooh! that skirt is so fantabulous!
by Jackman Phisyr March 25, 2011
Being overly amazing to the point we had to create a new word. ♡
Jenna's smile is fantabulous
by osamabincreepin July 09, 2014
A word of the utmost awesomeness to have ever rolled off the tongue. So amazing that the feeling of fantabulous cannot be truly pinpointed. Ten times better than nearly and 100 times better than sick nasty.
"How are you today?"
"Im fantabulous"
by KirbKirb54 January 21, 2014
A combination of the word "Fantastic" and "Fabulous". Can mean something "extraordinary", "marvelous", "phenomenal", or "stupendous".
"This trip will be Fantabulous!"
"We had a Fantabulous time at Disney!"
by jonmaz December 05, 2013

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