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Acronym: None of your business
Random person: Hey man, what's your social security number?
by Netah March 18, 2008
Verb: To obsess about the menial in a constant,excessively verbal fashion. (Much like a stupid chicken that can't stfu)
Them: Do you think it's raining outside? I mean ohmygosh what if it's overcast and the weather doesn't accent my pink lip gloss?

You: Please! Quit the cluckery already!

IE: Jane Austen Literature contains excess cluckery.
by Netah March 18, 2008
To incite or catalyze through the making of promises.
IE: Tim has a tendency to promastigate and not follow through on his end of the deal.
IE:Politicians are notorious promastigators.
by Netah March 18, 2008
Stationary masses of persons who, either voluntarily or involuntarily block passage of others in a confined space such as aisles, hallways, staircases etc.
IE:"This human cholesterol is frustrating."
IE: "The stairs have human cholesterol, take the elevator."
by Netah March 18, 2008
An expression of disgust resulting from excessive gayness,ineptnitude or frills in one's environment.
Them: Those gay guys over there should probably get a room huh?
You: Yep,fladpoodle.
by Netah March 18, 2008
To fall victim to a harmful,widespread propaganda campaign propagated by many well-meaning individuals.
IE: The anti-immigration reform movement flouridized California voters.
by Netah March 18, 2008
A circular debate over the menial or insignificant-often characterized by poor debate and/or persuasive skill.
IE: The debate over who was the best at pogs proved an amusing diddlemire.
IE: Once the question of superior watermelon seed spitting skill came into question the two rednecks diddlemired the rest of the evening away.
by Netah March 18, 2008
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