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Wearing a red bandana and trying to pass it off as a blood flag, even though you're not in any known blood set.
Lil' Wayne's gonna get his one day for false flagging.
by DubbC November 01, 2007
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deliberately wearing the wrong gang colors
He got caught false flagging and they killed him.
by yo mama September 11, 2003
1. Trying to discredit a political group or movement by pretending to be a member of it online while posting ignorant or offensive comments.

2. Trying to discredit a political group or movement by bringing ignorant or offensive signs to a protest and pretending to be part of the protest.
YouTube commenter 1: I hate teh joos and I also think Barack Obama is awesome.

YouTube commenter 2: Quit false flagging you liar.
by Isaac Clark March 06, 2010
when sum punk ass white boy iz flagged up and he aint in no gang.
i shot this kid white boy who was false flaggin.
by lil phsyco April 11, 2005

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