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To tell someone they're wrong.. I don't care nemore... Or to leave it alone
ayO leave me alone & fall back already!
Ahhhhh your wronggggg so fall back!
by Melah August 07, 2003
40 99
chill out, relax, stop trippin
Fall back with that cussin
by Lawron November 27, 2003
508 67
you need to chill get out of my shit
It's a dude all in your face tryin to get your # or somthin so you gotta be like"yo fall back son"
by Beth December 15, 2003
323 129
An agressive term refering to someone that is acting up. Someone that needs to calm down, back off, or step off.
Tom "Yo son, where the fuk is my money?" Peter replies " What fam, you pressin me? YO FALL back!! FALL BACK!!"
by rszab001 June 17, 2007
233 104
Fallback or Fall Back:

1. Phrase used to command someone to back up or cool down
2. Get Real
1. Phrase used to command someone to back up or cool down

Ignorant Person: A dawg you was that nigga that was talking to my ex at the party. So you gon' disrespect me and talk to her, knowing she was my ex?

Person 2: Mane you getting real hype for nuttin'. Get out my face with that s#@t

Ignorant Person: Naw mane, I hate n!ggas that try to disrespect me!!!

Person 2: N!gga FALLBACK d@mn it ain't worth it!

2. Get Real

Corny dude: A baby, you know you wanna talk to me.

Fine Chick: (ha ha) N!gga FALLBACK!
by IL Soul December 01, 2005
55 22
Telling someone who is all up in your grill, to 'Fuck off'.
John, 'Yo fam, seen you looking at my boo- what ya' playing at?!'
To which Ben replies, 'Mate, fall back, don't know what you're talking about!'
by Eliza- August 13, 2011
32 37
having someone that you would date if you're current relationship fails.
If Tess ever dumps me, I would probably go out with my fall back, Megan.
by KJRETTPOPGP February 29, 2008
69 100
To leave a potentially violent situation before it gets out of hand
John: Yo I cant believe that fool trying to play me like I'm a sucker.
Rob: Yeah man that's crazy, what you gonna do?
John:I'm just gonna fall back and let him play hisself.
by True to life January 18, 2008
30 65