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Means you worship someone.
n00b: how to start your pc??!!?!
normal person: Press the power butten ;)
n00b: _O_
Note: You don't have to be a noob to use _O_
by ikt May 08, 2008
The official emotocon of spread butt cheeks. Usually followed by <----8
1) Omg you are such a noob!
2) Am not! (_O_)
1) <----8 Haha noob.
by evilpoptart18 January 04, 2010
Means you praise someone, for saying something
There's a discussion, and someone says something which you totally agree with.
Than you say '_O_'
by Quzex July 09, 2006
n. text representation of an open or gaped asshole. Also a pussy that has been stretched.
Girl after a night with me you'll go from (_|_) to (_O_) because of my huge dong!
by E. Hughes February 04, 2007
Ass hole pictograph
1. kiss my (_o_)
2. you be a real (_o_) man a. you like ass, b. you are an ass
3. lick my (_o_) bitch
by Septhomas October 10, 2014
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