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Another name for sky in Urdu. Implies vastness, purity, and natural beauty. Falak, is mostly tied with beauty on a big scale.
Falak is beautiful in every way possible.
by rahwoody March 23, 2009
Means universe. Something which has no bounds. Its referred to as beauty without bounds. Unlimited and undeniable charm.
Your beauty is without bounds like Falak.
by guru2515 March 24, 2009
usually a person who is a ginger kid, plays soccer, and likes to fuck burritos. he also has a very little penis
Quit being so falak michael!
by Sally Waxler February 21, 2008
A stupid cocky ass bitch with a very lil penis and plays soccer constantly and thinks he has a girlfriend but actually doesn't.....but he's still a pimp
Shut up Hoe and be like falak
by v July 17, 2004

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