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A fart that the dealer believes will be a showstopper, but actually comes out as a very small air perturbation. On the verge of being silent, this fart sounds iconically like "Pvvffffft".
Dave wanted to rip one into Marc's face, but all he got was a fairy fart :(
by Van der Bisch September 27, 2010
A fragrance you can be fooled by the name of it Fairies spend their day around some of the sweetest and aromatic things imaginable, it's a slightly musky sent from the dew of the morning. Sweetness layered scent, with overtones of fruit and a slightly musky rich undertones and a hint of floral.
As I walked through the meadows this morning I could picture all the fairy farts which made such a wonderful fragrance.
by Crossroads Corner September 01, 2015
A fart in which, smells so bad you can get high off of it.
My parents left the house, and instead of watching porn, i pulled a fairy fart.
by Jesseiscoolyo May 23, 2008
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