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Fairview aka iLLview or the iLLiest view. is a small town (1 square mile to be exact) filled with mexican immigrants and a lot of marijuana smokers. It is believe that most citizens in this small town appreciate the fine arts of toking.
I am going to Fairview to pick up some mexicans to paint my house and a twenty piece of marijuana.
by RICK_the rapper_ROSS May 07, 2009
Proper Name: Fairview Park

One of the illest towns in Ohio. Known for its rivalry and hate of Rocky River( rich assholes). Some call it F-Town.

A mostly residential town with only a few strips of stores, though it was 3 kickass icecream stores:Websters,East Coast Custard and Dairy View.
Dude, Fairview has on of the most kickass football teams in the land.
by nickispickis September 22, 2006
In Erie County, PA, probably the smallest town. It's a town where a 4 way intersection with subway, cofair, BK, and the coffee station is our downtown. A typical Friday in Fairview is staying after school, walking to cofair, getting an energy drink, and walking to the football game. School NEVER gets cancelled, not even if we have 10 ft of snow.
Since we live in Fairview, let's walk to co-fair and get a NOS energy drink.
by f-sizzledizzle October 02, 2008
The residents of Fairview Park are commonly know for living in motor homes, being very poor, illiterate, and jealous of there amazing and damn rich neighboring city on the beautiful coast of Lake Erie, otherwise known as Rocky River. There football team, actually all sports teams, are so GOD AWFUL and embarrasing they actually had to drop down a division.
"Dude, did you hear about the guy they found walking around River that was from Fairview??"
"No man, what happened?!"

"Well, he got mugged... but he didn't have any money on him.. figures!"
by ImRichGetAtMeBitch December 28, 2011
A small town in Erie PA, where many rich and middle class people livce. known for a 4-way intercetion where a bank bk and two gas stations are located.
wow fairview is a good place to do nothing!
by hickupzarecol June 22, 2009
Where we barely ever get in to fights where others can see you. I've been going here for ever, and I've only witnessed ONE DAMN FIGHT. So fuck my school. You do not want to come to any of the Fairview Schools, located in Erie, PA. We are, after all, known for high academics and our drugs.
Did you see the dealer in the hallway at Fairview? And people claim they aren't there! HAH!
by 38yruiehr October 28, 2008
Gayest of all gay things. Super gay. Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert gay. Fair view of a mans jong.
"That shirt is fairview gay."
by ftownh@ter March 30, 2010

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