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Proper Name: Fairview Park

One of the illest towns in Ohio. Known for its rivalry and hate of Rocky River( rich assholes). Some call it F-Town.

A mostly residential town with only a few strips of stores, though it was 3 kickass icecream stores:Websters,East Coast Custard and Dairy View.
Dude, Fairview has on of the most kickass football teams in the land.
#fairview #fairview park #ftown #f town #f-town
by nickispickis September 22, 2006
When playing basment rules, playing pool in a shitty location where there is not enought room to shoot the ball at certain angle,such as in a small basement.
Shit man, we playin urban suburban in this shitty ass basment of yours.
#urban suburban #pool #billiards #basment #urban
by nickispickis September 23, 2006
a set of rules that only apply when pool is played in the basement.

All things extreme
Nigga put that bitch ass ball back, we playing basement rules, before i bust a cap in your ass nigga.
#basement rules #rules #pool #basement #billiards
by nickispickis September 23, 2006
a loose, floppy vagina.
Man, gram's floing dripped on the floor.
#floing #pussy #grams #grandma #vagina
by nickispickis September 23, 2006
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