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4 definitions by nickispickis

Proper Name: Fairview Park

One of the illest towns in Ohio. Known for its rivalry and hate of Rocky River( rich assholes). Some call it F-Town.

A mostly residential town with only a few strips of stores, though it was 3 kickass icecream stores:Websters,East Coast Custard and Dairy View.
Dude, Fairview has on of the most kickass football teams in the land.
by nickispickis September 22, 2006
When playing basment rules, playing pool in a shitty location where there is not enought room to shoot the ball at certain angle,such as in a small basement.
Shit man, we playin urban suburban in this shitty ass basment of yours.
by nickispickis September 23, 2006
a set of rules that only apply when pool is played in the basement.

All things extreme
Nigga put that bitch ass ball back, we playing basement rules, before i bust a cap in your ass nigga.
by nickispickis September 23, 2006
a loose, floppy vagina.
Man, gram's floing dripped on the floor.
by nickispickis September 23, 2006