Good, ok, not bad, well done.
a term mainly used around the music btec year 1 regions of stratford upon avon, said to be formed by 'slick'
i jus completed san andreas!!!
by tom ford December 14, 2004
Adverb: Very, decently, quite, pretty
The surf is fair good ay
by Some Tool March 14, 2007
1) A term used when the listener of a conversation has no interest what so ever in what you have to say but thinks you should care about what they say.
2)A term used by the socially inept to destroy a convasation
1) "That movie was great"
"It was ok they could have improved it by (whatever)"

2)"So I said they should offer me some sort of refund, how can they rip people off like that?"
by Rosseh! September 27, 2006
An escalated form of the slang term "sick" or "tight". Fair is used as describing something as beyond good , not to be mistaken with the "Fair" meaning average or normal.
"The Chappelle show has some Fair jokes"
by Garcia Chris April 16, 2004
Used to describe the quality of anything, with the emphasis and pronunciation determining the final meaning.

Also good to use with the word accurate or greally (indicating increased amounts of fairness).
Gosh that history test was fair.
That solo was fair!
Oh man Lok is greally fair!!
A toasted cheese and tartar sauce sandwich... fair.

Eil: "Want to move that trophy?"
F: "Fair."
Eil: "Accurate. Let's do it."
by fcadbury July 17, 2007
Advantageous to me.
I thought it was fair that I got half the cake and my friends split the other half.

I lost the job to someone smarter, better-qualified, and harder-working than me. That is so not fair.
by benjasdad-2000 November 06, 2009
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