Abbreviated term for a "fair fight." One-on-one fight, no help, no weapons.
Tell your boys to stay out of this, I want a fair.
by Aceklub November 13, 2004
a word that people use infront of a word. it usually doesn't make sense & people think they are awesomely cool for saying it. popular in Australia
Person 1: wow, the beach was "fair" cool today!
Person 2: yeah, and your "fair" cool for saying that.
Radom person: *slaps both* THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!
by georgia madeline January 20, 2009
1: term used by asians in prace of the correct word "fail" due to a rack in understanding that 'L' is not pronounced 'R' in the engrish ranguage...
...i totally faired my engrish test today.
by Serits R Ruemas April 24, 2011

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