Abbreviated term for a "fair fight." One-on-one fight, no help, no weapons.
Tell your boys to stay out of this, I want a fair.
by Aceklub November 13, 2004
a word that people use infront of a word. it usually doesn't make sense & people think they are awesomely cool for saying it. popular in Australia
Person 1: wow, the beach was "fair" cool today!
Person 2: yeah, and your "fair" cool for saying that.
Radom person: *slaps both* THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!
by georgia madeline January 20, 2009
1: term used by asians in prace of the correct word "fail" due to a rack in understanding that 'L' is not pronounced 'R' in the engrish ranguage...
...i totally faired my engrish test today.
by Serits R Ruemas April 24, 2011
Adjective. Comparative, fairer; Superlative, fairest
Original meaning is "beautiful", "elegant", "attractive". Derived from Old English "faeger" and Old Norse "fagr", and from proto-Germanic "fagraz" ("suitable", "fitting", "nice"). Applies to the weather as well as to physical beauty.
Since the nobility in England generally defined what beauty was, and since the nobility were pale because they were rich enough that they didn't have to work under the sun, "fair" took on the connotation of "pale" or "bright" in color; fair-haired, fair-skinned, etc.
Through loosening of the meaning of the word, "fair" also came to mean "just", "equitable", as in "a fair trial".
-A fair-minded, fair-haired fair maid proved that her heart, mind, and soul were as fair as her body.
-Ten dollars off of the usual price? Sounds fair.
by RuddyWriter July 24, 2015

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